Continuous Improvement

ISO 9001: ensures that the company commits to continuously improving their quality management systems and processes to meet customer requirements and expectations.

Our commitment to the environment

ISO 14001: covers all aspects of the companies’ environmental management processes including the use of resources, recycling and waste management. Gaining the certification demonstrates commitment to ensuring all processes are carried correctly whilst minimising environmental impacts.

Managing health & safety

OHSAS 18001: provides a framework for organisations to instigate proper and effective management of health and safety in the workplace. The certification demonstrates the company’s commitment to the welfare of its own staff together with external contractors and visitors to the site.


Safe Contactor

safecontractorSafe contractor is the fastest growing health and safety accreditation scheme in the UK, with more than 210 major clients and over 20,000 contractor members.

With its increasing membership and growing profile in the UK, the safe contractor scheme is now used by many large organisations as a way of obtaining competent contractors.

Health and safety doesn’t just come into force once a project gets to site. Throughout the design phase of all projects, care is taken to ensure that all proposed works can be undertaken in the safest way possible.