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Design and Manufacturing

Design Department

Coolsuredoors and its associate company, Manor Refrigerated Cabinets, have a single integrated design department.

Door-exploded-viewThis provides an interface to enable customers to realise their concepts into a reality viable for production roll out. Our solutions incorporate features designed to lessen the burden on the end user; such concerns as cost effectiveness, reduced carbon footprint, recycled and recyclable materials, new technologies, ease of maintenance and cleaning are all considered.

We achieve this via a dynamic and versatile approach to design which is both customer focused and customer facing. The design team maintains close relationships with key internal departments whilst also building and maintaining relationships with our customers’ relevant representatives and departments.

The major benefit of having an integrated design team is that whilst there are a number of different types of door that can be supplied by coolsuredoors, they all have one thing in common – they are fitted onto a refrigerated cabinet – manufactured either by Manor Refrigerated Cabinets or by others.


Doors are often retrofitted to existing cabinets (the combinations of which are endless) so the need for a single integrated design team is paramount and provides a depth of knowledge drawn from over 100 years’ combined experience in retail and other business sectors. Our retail experience gives us a full understanding of the customers’ expectations and time constraints.

By embracing the experience of different industries the design department is better placed to create ‘Out of the Box’ solutions to customers’ needs. Also, due to our history of refurbishment, we have an extensive database of legacy cabinet and component details.

Prototypes and problem solving

A hands-on approach to prototype building and problem solving is promoted from within and a workshop for this explicit purpose has been set up. As well as providing a bespoke area for these functions, the workshop is also used for door testing (strength and durability, number of operations etc), shelf load testing and similar activities.

Future trends

Looking to the future, supporting current and projected business trends, we are actively engaged in expanding our design capability by introducing further CAD design engineers as well as the secondment of an Engineering under graduate from Universities

We currently run the latest version of CAD software (Dassault SolidWorks 2014) which is widely used within the industry and is compatible with most other common CAD systems.

Once designed, component models are electronically transferred to the CAM programming team for programming and download onto state of the art computer controlled metalworking machinery.