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Door Production and Facilities

UK manufacturing plant

At coolsuredoors we have our own manufacturing and assembly plants where we produce our Universal Door system. With these in-house facilities we maintain complete control of all elements of the manufacturing process. This ensures we achieve a consistently high standard of quality.

International Foundation

coolsuredoors and Manor Refrigerated Cabinets are trading names of Manor Concepts. Since February 2015 Manor Concepts has been wholly owned by the Italian commercial refrigeration specialist, Arneg S.p.A.

Established in 1963 in the Veneto region of Italy, Arneg operates out of 20 factories and 11 commercial offices in 25 countries around the globe. It has a turnover in excess of €500m and is an international leader in the manufacture and installation of display equipment for the retail sector.

As a result of the merger, Manor enjoys a close collaboration with its parent company, reaping the benefits of its worldwide support network of knowledge and expertise. Working together with Arneg, Manor is developing retail display cabinets and door solutions for the UK food and drink market that are right at the forefront of design and technology.

Approved partners

Additionally, we work with carefully selected partners to support our in-house capability. These associates are continuously evaluated to make certain they manufacture products to our own very high standards.

Parts and complete systems

This extra capacity covers both component parts and complete door systems. All partner products are tested and approved utilising our own in-house controlled environment research and development laboratory. This facility is available to test and approve door systems fitted to a wide range of cabinets.