Statement of Environmental Policy

Manor Concepts Ltd supply a wide range of refrigerated display solutions to satisfy the needs of food and drink retailers.

The company also offers an extensive project management capability, which oversees design, build and installation.

Manor Concepts Limited is committed to the continued improvement of both external and internal environment policy by means of effective environmental management.

The Managing Director of Manor Concepts Limited will take overall responsibility for the management and implementation of this policy.

Flexibility and willingness to change, through the habitual involvement of all employees in the process of continued improvement of working systems and practices is the key to success.

The Company will facilitate the achievement of the following Company-wide objectives:

  • To comply with all applicable legislation and the requirements of our customers/clients and any party having an environmental impact on the Company
  • To continuously improve operational efficiency through investment in personnel and machinery
  • To continuously improve energy efficiency and waste minimisation
  • To assess the environmental performance of our suppliers
  • To prevent pollution
  • To ensure that this policy is well communicated within the Company
  • To provide a framework for setting and reviewing targets/objectives/programmes

Manor Concepts has both Quality and Environmental management systems, and associated policy statements. These are available on request.