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Hinged Doors

A cost effective solution

coolsuredoors has a choice of hinged doors that can be tailored to fit specific applications. Options range from a simple single glass pane design to fully double glazed units.

Merchandise in full and clear view

For those wanting frameless doors we offer our acrylic frameless double insulated doors. This door provides a clear and unrestricted view of the merchandised cabinet.

Door Widths

Door widths as standard are based on a 1250mm Mod size that is two pair of doors per 2500mm cabinet length and three pair of doors per 3750mm cabinet length. Additional widths, however, can be manufactured to suit other sizes of cabinets – please ask for details.

Door Heights

Door heights as standard are currently manufactured in two sizes 1683mm and 1630mm. Any slight differences in cabinet heights can be accommodated by filler plates. Given reasonable volumes and lead times non-standard heights can be accommodated.

We have a number of different designs available depending on the requirements.