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Door Options

As a British designer and manufacturer of doors for refrigerated retail display cabinets, we are committed to providing a full range of doors for your needs.

We design and produce innovative door solutions that save energy and improve the efficiency of your refrigerated display cabinets.

The Universal Door

The coolsuredoors patent pending Universal Door has been specifically designed to offer the best features of both a sliding and a hinged door.


Sliding Doors – Ideal for narrow aisles

The operation of the coolsuredoors sliding only door is identical to the Universal Door when operating in the sliding mode. It is the best solution in stores where the aisle width is limited and a hinged door would obstruct the shopping space.


Hinged Doors – For easy access

coolsuredoors has a range of hinged doors that can be tailored to fit specific applications. Options range from a simple single glass pane design to fully double glazed units.


Acrylic Frameless Double Insulated Doors

Constructed with a frameless design from scratch resistant double-pane acrylic, these doors offer a clear and almost unrestricted view of the merchandise on display. The Clear View Doors are an ideal solution where the isle width permits a hinged door.